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Western Environmental has constructed clean rooms for a wide variety of facilities across numerous industries, from aerospace to medical and beyond.

Our experience in technically complex Cleanroom construction projects assures your organization the highest level of satisfaction and success.

Western Environmental has constructed clean rooms for a wide variety of facilities across numerous industries, from aerospace to medical and beyond. And, because we’ve been building clean rooms, metrology labs and other environmentally controlled enclosures for more than two decades, you can rest assured that each project we undertake is held to the same rigorous standards. Gearing up to begin your facility’s next clean room construction project? Call Western Environmental at 513-422-4088 to get started.

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24k sqft Cleanroom ISO 7
24k sqft Cleanroom ISO 7

At Western Environmental, we understand that the quality of your products is dependent on the quality of your research, development, and manufacturing processes. Oftentimes, these processes require clean rooms, metrology labs and other stringently controlled environments in order to reach the level of quality your industry demands. That’s why Western Environmental provides expert design, construction and testing services for a wide range of controlled environmental enclosures.

Clean Room Construction Experts

At Western Environmental, we’ve developed the experience necessary to understand the ins and outs of the clean room construction process. We acknowledge that needs vary significantly between one business and the next, so we strive to incorporate your feedback every step of the way in order to deliver a finished project that meets or exceeds your expectations.

Before the construction process begins, our design team will consult with your company to determine an in-depth plan that falls within your budget. We’ll tailor the clean room’s key features, including its ISO classification, filter type and specific architecture for suitability with the application(s) at hand. Uncertain if you’re prepared to make the investment? We’re happy to deliver an informative expense analysis, so you know just how much the project will cost you before we dive into the work.

Cleanroom ISO 6 area
Cleanroom Rytec Door

Why Choose Western Environmental?

There are plenty of reasons to choose Western Environmental for your clean room construction project. For one, we offer testing and certification to help ensure that your clean room meets industry, company and legal regulations. Western Environmental constructs clean rooms with standards ranging from ISO Class 4 to ISO Class 8, and we can incorporate USP 797 and USP 800 guidelines. We can also provide temperature and humidity control measures and additional equipment as necessary.

Then, there’s our extensive history of industry success. We’ve handled both small and large-scale projects, and we’ve worked with major facilities and organizations, including – but not limited to – Eastman Kodak Company, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Venture AerobearingsNIST and Wright-Patterson Air Force Base.

Contact Western Environmental To Get Started

Western Environmental is a division of Controlled Environment Systems based in the state of Ohio, We construct clean rooms, metrology labs, and CMM enclosures all across the country. Reach out by phone at 513-422-4088 to learn more about our clean room construction services, or request a quote today.

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