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Venture Aerobearings manufacturers and assembles the roller bearings used to build aircraft engines. Due to an increase in demand, they opened a new manufacturing facility in South Carolina. In order to meet the precision requirements for inspection and packaging, Venture determined that a cleanroom environment was necessary. Western Environmental was contracted to design and build over 6500 square feet of controlled space to facilitate their process.

Custom Clean Room Build

The area was to be divided into three separate but contiguous spaces. Each area had its own specific temperature, humidity and cleanliness requirements maintained by a dedicated HVAC system and controller. Manufactured parts would first be inspected, then assembled, and finally washed and packaged, before being shipped to customers. The rooms needed to encompass a conveyor line so product could easily move from one space to the next, while maintaining the separate environmental specifications and constant, cascading pressure levels between the rooms. In addition two exhausts ducts were incorporated into the design so heat output from the equipment did not adversely affect the room’s environment.


By locating multiple stages of the process into one controlled space, Venture Aerobearings was able to substantially increase productivity while at the same time improving the quality and performance of their roller bearing assembly.

CMM Enclosure
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