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Case Studies

Western Environmental Designs and Executes Cleanroom Projects For Any Industry, Budget, and Purpose.

Designing and building a facility that fits the needs of your organization is a large investment. Make sure your investment pays off by trusting Controlled Environment Systems with your cleanroom projects.

Controlled Environment Systems has been constructing and certifying cleanrooms and laboratories for over 30 years. We use our specialized knowledge of HVAC systems to build ISO Class 4 to ISO Class 8 rooms with fully controlled environments. Our completed cleanroom projects prove CES’s ability to satisfy any standard or budget.


Boeing used CES engineers to design an environmental chamber capable of a variety of control configurations. Learn more...

CAT needed to move a CMM to a central location. Western Environmental engineers designed an ISO 7 class room large enough to accommodate massive equipment that fit Caterpillar’s stringent requirements. Learn more...

caterpillar CMM Location

As part of an important defense project, CES worked with other government-contracted vendors to build a CMM enclosure with a measuring envelope of
16M x 5M x 2.5M.  Learn more...

As part of an expansion, CES upgraded a building from the 1940s to accommodate several ISO Class 4 cleanrooms.  Learn more...


CES engineers upgraded a lab at PMEL to solve requirement issues related to temperature, humidity, and room pressure. Learn more...

This institute’s cold chamber was built as a cleanroom to store biological research materials. Learn more...

Science Lab

Under the direction of the Army Corps of Engineers and USA Companies, CES helped complete cleanroom projects covering 5000 sq. ft. Learn more...

Western Environmental created a modular ISO 8 room that allows the manufacturer to control temperature, humidity, and room pressure. The project was finished before the scheduled completion date and under budget.

Environmentally controlled lab
ISO Cleanroom turnkey

Following our successful completion of the ISO 8 room project, Western Environmental was again commissioned by Enable Injections to redesign and expand their existing cleanroom facility.

Eastman Kodak Company needed a multi-purpose clean room on a tight schedule. Western Environmental designed, built, and tested the Class 100 room to meet the client’s high standards within the 12-week timeframe.

Multipurpose Cleanroom
CMM Room Enclosure Contractor

Modus Metrology contracted with Western Environmental to plan and complete a calibration facility that allowed inspections using primary standards in the Southeast United States.

Our engineers designed and executed several cleanroom projects that helped this international manufacturer relocate from Japan to the United States.

Customized Cleanroom

Due to a sudden rise in demand for their product, Western Environmental built a customized cleanroom for inspecting and packaging roller bearings.

A Las Vegas-based company contracted Western Environmental to ensure the compliance of their cleanroom facilities in response to recent changes in the USP 800 and 797 guidelines.

USP 797 800 cleanroom contractor
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