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ISO - 17025

Experienced, Accredited, and Certified

For many high tech industries a clean, efficient and well-run environment is a primary influence on the quality of product the company produces. Having a clean production facility means maintaining an environment where a few dust particles won’t interfere with quality level.


ISO 17025

ISO 17025 accredited provider of environmentally controlled enclosure design, construction and certification services. Over our years spent refining our expertise and installing dependable enclosures, we’ve worked with high profile clients across the nation, granting us the experience necessary to assemble cleanrooms, metrology labs and CMM enclosures that meet the precise demands of your business.

Businesses around the world rely on ultra-precise measurements for product standardization, and that requires strict control of temperature, humidity, particulate matter and other environmental factors. Fortunately, CES has developed decades of expertise in the design, construction and maintenance of metrology labs.

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