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A clean room is a space where environmental factors, including the presence of particulate matter, temperature, humidity and other factors, are strictly controlled. Clean rooms typically remain clean through the use of high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) or ultra-low particulate air (ULPA) filters, which remove potentially problematic particles from all of the air that enters a room. This level of cleanliness is critical when it comes to measurements, experimentations, and other processes that require controlled environments. While inside a clean room, personnel wear head-to-toe gear specially designed for use inside the clean room in order to keep from releasing dust or other types of debris from the body.

Employees in Bunny Suits in Clean Room
How Are Clean Rooms Used?

Clean rooms are a staple element across numerous industries. Here, we’ll outline just a few of the roles the clean room can play.

  • Aerospace: The aerospace industry needs components that are as safe and reliable as possible. Even the most minor defects could lead to disastrous results, which is why clean rooms are necessary during the product development and manufacturing process.

  • Defense: Just like poorly crafted aerospace equipment, defective defense and military components could have serious negative effects. This makes a controlled environment essential as these products are developed.

  • Optics: Optics is an industry in which precision is of the utmost importance, and this makes it a natural fit for the highly controlled environment provided by a clean room. Smartphone cameras, camera lenses and other high-tech optics are typically manufactured in a clean room.

  • Pharmaceutical: It likely comes as no surprise that an industry that largely focuses on the creation and development of medications requires clean rooms at every turn, whether during research or the packaging process.

  • Research Facilities: Many companies and institutions, such as universities, employ clean rooms for general scientific research of a sensitive nature.

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