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CMM Enclosure

The Importance of CMM Room Design

CMM MT Clean room

Western Environmental knows that overall CMM (coordinate measuring machine) performance is critical to optimal manufacturing productivity. When designing a CMM room, our focus is to protect the measuring machine, which will optimize the performance by precisely controlling the surrounding environment. We provide temperature and humidity-controlled rooms that can meet your CMM room specifications.

Unrivaled quality and reliability have positioned Western Environmental as leaders in the design and construction of CMM room environments.

Why Have Western Environmental Build Your CMM Room

A CMM uses a sensitive probe to measure and precisely record the X, Y and Z coordinates of a target. The speed and accuracy of this machine is crucial. With the many unique environmental factors, each machine may be left vulnerable, creating varying results. Some factors that might affect your CMM are temperature, humidity, contamination, and vibration. Having Western Environmental construct, a CMM room controls these factors, by creating the perfect environment for the CMM. CMMs are often large and will not fit through a standard doorway. Our innovative wall design allows the customer to be able to add or remove the CMM at any time. 

CMM Room Temperature

The recommended temperature for a CMM room is 20 degrees Celsius. It is important to maintain the temperature throughout a 24-hour period. Many CMM rooms keep a temperature stability of +/- 0.5 – 1.0 degrees Celsius. Not only does the CMM room temperature need to be stable, but it also needs to maintain the temperature gradients around the CMM. If temperature keeps fluctuating, the workpiece may be affected, making it expand and contract, causing inaccurate results. Maintaining a stable temperature with a high air exchange rate, at low air velocity is necessary.

Typical CMM Room Design Specifications 

 - Clean room ISO 5,6,7,8  

  • Temperature set point: 20°C – Stability: +/- 1°C  

  • Humidity set point: 40% – Stability: +/- 10% RH  

  • Pressure: Positive  

  • Lighting: 90 – 100+ FC  

  • Sound: 50 NC  

  • Air velocity: 5 FPM to 25 FPM

CMM Room Humidity 

Humidity plays an important role in achieving accurate results from a CMM. Having a set point then holding relative humidity stable will prevent harmful effects of moisture such as corrosion of measurement equipment and workpieces. Keeping humidity at the right set point will extend the life of the CMM and correlates with the machine’s preventative maintenance. A typical CMM room runs 40% humidity with a stability of +/or – 10%.​

CMM Room Contamination

It is important to have high quality HEPA filters and positive air pressure throughout a CMM room to prevent dirt and small particles from harming the machine. Having positive air pressure inside prevents these harmful particles from entering the room each time a door is opened.

Where is the best place to install a CMM?

Where to install a CMM is often a difficult choice a manufacturer must face. It really depends on the outcome one wishes to achieve. For the highest quality CMM results, a CMM room is the best solution. A CMM room provides a stable clean environment where temperature, humidity, and contamination can be controlled. 

Western Environmental is A2LA ISO 17025 Accredited

ISO 17025 is one of the most important accreditations to achieve consistent and accurate results for all types of laboratories performing tests and calibrations. Western Environmental designs, builds, and certifies fully functional CMM rooms across the globe.

Check out our Design Build Approach for Cleanrooms, CMM rooms, and Metrology labs.

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