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A Summary of the Different Types of Cleanrooms

Cleanrooms are vital for most manufacturing and scientific institutions and provide an environmentally controlled space. Anywhere small particles can negatively impact the manufacturing process, you’re likely to find one of these rooms. At Western Environmental Corporation, we designbuild, and certify several types of cleanrooms, with the ones we recommend for clients adhering to their ISO classification standards and other criteria. Here, we explore how different kinds of cleanrooms vary.

Unidirectional Flow

Also known as laminar flow cleanrooms, this variant uses more air than turbulently ventilated rooms. Providing better air-quality results, these rooms utilize high-efficiency filters installed across the space’s ceiling. Covering the room, the air exits through the floor of the cleanroom. Contamination will be removed through this method.

Portable Cleanrooms

Much like their permanent counterparts, portable cleanrooms offer high sterility levels, though they are most often used in short-term jobs or emergency situations. These rooms are for temporary purposes and will be taken down when the need for them ends. Typically, this cleanroom style features what’s known as a softwall design, meaning their walls are crafted from transparent polymers.

Additional Classification Considerations

In addition to these different types of cleanrooms, organizations must also consider their ISO classification requirements. Classified by their levels of air cleanliness, these rooms are rated by the size and amount of particles in the air. The ISO classification system for cleanrooms is used in both the United States and Canada and rates them from ISO 1 through ISO 9, with the former considered the cleanest and latter the dirtiest.

At Western Environmental Corporation, we offer classification certificate services that meet international cleanroom code ISO14644. Offering both product qualification and environmental analysis testing, we ensure that your cleanroom is specified to the following prior to beginning your project:

  • Right design type

  • ISO level

  • Architecture needs

  • Filtration requirements

  • Your budget

  • And more.

Cleanrooms that Yield Quality Results

From cleanrooms to metrology labs and CMM enclosures, Western Environmental Corporation has over two decades of experience in providing clients across manufacturing, defense, scientific, cosmetic, and many other sectors with the right solutions for their facility. For more information about our servicescontact us today at our headquarters in Franklin, Ohio, which serves clients from across the United States. 

In the meantime, browse through our case studies. These provide detailed recaps of some of our most major projects and give a glimpse into the customizable possibilities that can become a reality for your facility.

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