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Fully Accredited for L2, IEC and ISO

About Western Environmental 

Medical Cleanroom Contractor

Why Western Environmental?

Western Environmental offers a standout design and construction experience through attentive, personalized service. We’ll guide you through each step of the project to ensure you’re always up to speed, starting with the preconstruction consultation and extending to post-construction maintenance. As we plan your environmentally controlled enclosure, we’ll tailor every detail to meet the needs of the enclosure’s intended application by installing the correct equipment and providing necessary certifications that help keep your business in compliance with applicable regulations.

Services we offer include:

Established in 1993, Western Environmental, a division of Controlled Environment Systems (CES), is an ISO 17025 accredited provider of environmentally controlled enclosure design, construction and certification services. Over our years spent refining our expertise and installing dependable enclosures, we’ve worked with high profile clients across the nation, granting us the experience necessary to assemble cleanrooms, metrology labs and CMM enclosures that meet the precise demands of your business.

Turnkey Lab Contractor Cleanroom Metrology
Bio Pharma Cleanroom Life Sciences

What We’ve Done

We’ve established ourselves as industry leaders by working with businesses, organizations and agencies operating in diverse industries. Wondering how we’ve put our knowledge to work? Here are just a few examples.

  • Aerospace: Western Environmental has provided an environmental chamber for Boeing, the world’s largest aerospace corporation. The industry requires a massive selection of precisely constructed components, which are often manufactured and measured in controlled environments.

  • Defense: We’ve undertaken projects for Hill Air Force BaseWright-Patterson Air Force Base and the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter Program. As is the case with aerospace vessels and equipment, defense gear, including airplanes, must be built to meet rigorous standards. Minor defects can result in serious trouble.

  • Research: Cleanrooms are required for general research applications across numerous industries. Western Environmental has provided clean room design services for the National Institute of Standards and Technology, for example, though our clean rooms are also suitable for pharmaceutical research, university campuses and more.

Other industries that have benefitted or may benefit from environmentally controlled structures include automotive, microelectronics, nanotechnology, heavy equipment and more.

Begin Your Project

For expertly crafted cleanrooms, metrology labs and CMM enclosures installed to exacting specifications, turn to the experts at Western Environmental. Give us a call at 513-422-4088 to discuss your project, or start by requesting a quote today.

Turnkey CMM Enclosure Lab Contractor
ISO Cleanroom Design Build Provider
Pharma Cleanroom Contractor
CMM Enclosure with crane access
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