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Overhead Gantry CMM Enclosure

Western Environmental was invited to be a member of the team by the Carl Zeiss, IMT Corp. for this highly publicized defense project.

Project Challenge

The project was to include an extensive isolated inertia block foundation, an automated parts transfer table in addition to the CMM and Enclosure. Western Environmental was required to work closely with the other selected vendors for integration of the Enclosure with the foundation, and the interface of overhead door operation with the parts transfer table.


Due to the size of the manufactured parts requiring to be measured, the CMM Enclosure was to be 38 FT Wide, 77 FT Long, and 27 FT High. The CMM was required to have the capabilities of having a measuring envelope of 16 Meters by 5 Meters by 2.5 Meters High, with a repeatability of 0.0001″ across the volume and a permissible error of +/- 0.000014″. To aid in meeting these requirements, the Enclosure’s temperature stability was to be +/-0.5°C of set point. When the room was complete and tested it certified to +/- 0.2°C over the measurement volume of the CMM.

CMM Room
Lockeed precision CMM Enclosure
CMM Enclosure
Design Build CMM Enclosure
CMM Enclosure contractor turnkey
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