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For more than 30 years, Western Environmental has served renowned organizations around the world through turnkey environmental enclosure construction services. We’ll work hand-in-hand with you every step of the way to ensure that each element of the project is informed by your precise input, ultimately helping us create an enclosure that effortlessly suits your needs.

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Turnkey Services

The seasoned experts at Western Environmental Corporation strive to make the metrology lab and clean room construction process as simple as can be by delivering turnkey services. Environments are available from ISO Class 4 to ISO Class 8, and we kick off every project by creating an initial concept that’s designed to accommodate the unique demands of your organization.

Once we’ve received your approval, we’ll get to work on construction, ensuring that each element of your clean room or metrology lab is built to the exacting standards required by such applications. We’ll then go on to outfit your enclosure with the accessories you’ve requested—our capabilities include everything from high-impact, vinyl-composite tile floors to material handling equipment and beyond.

Modular Enclosures Built for the Future

Aside from our willingness to spearhead the entirety of the design and build process, another trait that helps Western Environmental remain on the cutting edge of the industry is our ability to build clean rooms and metrology labs using a modular design approach. These rooms are routinely used by the most innovative companies on the planet, which makes it essential that they’re designed to accommodate frequent change without a hefty investment. Modular clean room wall systems take future growth into account by making customization simple.

Why Choose Western Environmental?

Considering Western Environmental for your controlled environmental enclosure project? Rest assured that you’ll receive the attentive, meticulous service and unparalleled quality you deserve. We’ve remained at the top of our industry since 1993, and we excel in interpreting client needs to create clean rooms and metrology labs that surpass expectations while staying within your budget. Plus, we’re fully equipped to certify your controlled environmental enclosures, even if they weren’t built by us.

Ready to get started? Apply for a quote online, or call Western Environmental today at (513) 422-4088.

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