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Western Environmental suggests that all clean rooms be inspected once a year. In addition to annual recertification, clean rooms should be monitored frequently to ensure accuracy and compliance with relevant codes and regulations.

We use the following clean room testing methods to keep your environment sealed, secured, and under your control:

Clean Room Scientists
Temperature Testing

Small variations in temperature can ruin biological samples and ruin delicate electronics. Western Environmental will make sure your equipment is properly calibrated and your readings are correct.

Humidity Testing

Moisture is a vital component in environmental control. Check variations in humidity levels before they become a problem with yearly clean room testing.

Leak Testing

Keep your environment where it belongs. Holes, chinks, tears and other breaches in your room’s barriers can expose the surrounding area to hazardous materials. They also can let invaders into your controlled space that could ruin your equipment, samples or experiments.


During our inspection, Western Environmental will scan your filters to ensure compliance with particle leakage regulations.

Particle Count Surveys

We monitor and document airborne particle counts for safety and compliance with various codes, regulations, and standards.

Sound Level Measurement

Controlling sound waves in a clean room environment while maintaining particle contamination can be a challenge. Monitoring levels will keep waves within defined standards and increase safety.

Airflow Balancing

Western Environmental uses specialized knowledge of HVAC systems to create an environment to fit your custom specifications. Proper ventilation is an essential part of stabilizing and controlling temperature, humidity and air pressure.

Light Level Measurement

Protect your light-sensitive biological samples and electronic circuitry with periodic light level measurements. These readings also are necessary for certification.

Room Pressurization

Air pressure can be used to create an extra layer of separation between environments. It also helps control air quality, support energy-efficiency and reduce foreign invaders.

With over 20 years of experience in clean room design, construction, and certification, Western Environmental can help maintain your environment with clean room testing and maintenance. We can take your clean room needs from concept to completed project, regardless of budget or time constraints. Contact Western Environmental to learn more about how regular clean room testing can protect your investments and keep your environments fully compliant.

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