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Ensuring the Longevity of Cleanrooms and Metrology Labs

Taking dedicated care of your lab or cleanroom is vital to its longevity. A number of different factors go into this, including equipment maintenance, proper material organization, room design, repairs, and more. Each lab and cleanroom are unique, and the maintenance will be, too. Being aware of the requirements your space needs is at the center of a successful, long-lasting cleanroom or metrology lab. Here, Western Environmental explores how to ensure the longevity of cleanrooms and metrology labs.

Proper Sanitization

First and foremost, your metrology lab or cleanroom spaces should always be clean, and a huge part of this is maintaining the equipment properly. If gear and surfaces are not properly cared for, this can lead to the contamination of materials, the breakdown of technology, and more. 

Carrying out a daily wipe-down of all equipment is a great first step towards having an uncontaminated metrology lab or cleanroom that will last for years to come. Aside from this, you’ll want to perform regular deep-cleans of your space – once a week is typically sufficient. Refer to your lab manager or manual for specific cleaning instructions for the exact kind of cleanroom or metrology lab you have.

Importance of Calibration

Regular calibration is one of the most important factors in maintaining your metrology lab or cleanroom. Calibration is a procedure conducted to validate the functioning of your measuring equipment. This will also alert employees to the degree of error in the specific measurement gear. It is ideal that these calibration routines are done on a regular basis to ensure equipment accuracy.

Repairing or Refurbishing Equipment

Metrology lab equipment will likely require repairs over time and keeping up with them can also contribute to prolonged longevity. Easily repairable equipment like filtration devices, centrifuges, and microscope lenses can very often be replaced without having to replace larger areas of equipment. 

Refurbishing your equipment is a great option for when an update is needed but not a repair or replacement. It helps if you’re able to take apart the equipment in question to see what needs to be upgraded. Often, simple actions, like polishing and re-lubricating your gear, can make it last even longer. 

An Efficient Design

Both cleanrooms and metrology labs require a specific layout for the best results. Our cleanroom construction process tailors your space to your exact needs and involves certification and testing, ensuring your cleanroom meets any required standards. Meanwhile, our metrology lab construction services are also customizable, and our clients are able to receive specific design advice on areas such as:

  • Air diffusion and regulation systems 

  • High-impact, vinyl-composite tile floors

  • Modular wall systems

  • Soak rooms 

  • And more.

Creating a Long-Lasting Metrology Lab or Cleanroom with Western Environmental 

Finally, ensuring the longevity of your cleanroom or metrology lab begins with partnering with a company as experienced as Western Environmental. Headquartered in Franklin, Ohio, and serving clients throughout the United States, our team is standing by to help you find the best solutions for your organization and maintain your space. To learn more, contact us today.

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