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Cleanroom Testing and Verification

Routine clean room testing, and verification plays a vital role in ensuring that the contamination levels remain within the specified ISO class requirements. At Western Environmental, we offer a comprehensive range of clean room testing services that are essential for preserving the integrity of your clean room facility...


The Crucial Role of Cold Rooms and Freezers Across Industries

In the world of temperature-sensitive storage and preservation, cold rooms and freezers stand as unsung heroes across various industries. From safeguarding life-saving medications to preserving the freshness of your favorite ice cream, these cold storage solutions play a crucial role in ensuring the integrity of a wide range of products. Let's explore the diverse applications that make cold rooms and freezers...


Benefits of Our Design Build Approach

Why should you choose a design build firm for your next project? This is an ideal option for project planners, business owners, facilities, and quality control personnel looking to build a controlled environment laboratory or clean room for several reasons...


What is a Cleanroom?

A clean room is a space where environmental factors, including the presence of particulate matter, temperature, humidity and other factors, are strictly controlled. Clean rooms typically remain clean through the use of high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) or ultra-low particulate air (ULPA) filters, which remove...


Different Types of Cleanrooms: What to Know

A Summary of the Different Types of Cleanrooms. Cleanrooms are vital for most manufacturing and scientific institutions and provide an environmentally controlled space. Anywhere small particles can negatively impact the manufacturing process, you’re likely to find one of these rooms. At Western Environmental, we design, build, and certify several types of cleanrooms, with the…


How to Ensure the Lifespan of Cleanrooms & Metrology Labs

Ensuring the Longevity of Cleanrooms and Metrology Labs Taking dedicated care of your lab or cleanroom is vital to its longevity. A number of different factors go into this, including equipment maintenance, proper material organization, room design, repairs, and more. Each lab and cleanroom are unique, and the maintenance will be, too. Being aware of…


Tips for Servicing and Maintaining Your Clean Room Facility

Tips for Servicing and Maintaining Your Cleanroom Facility Maintaining a cleanroom might seem like a difficult task, but with proper planning and foresight, it doesn’t need to be. Even the smallest particle presence can affect production, so it’s important that operators and management personnel alike have the knowledge they need to take part in good maintenance and servicing practices. From initial cleanroom design…


Importance of CMM Room Design

The Importance of CMM Room Design. Western Environmental knows that overall CMM (coordinate measuring machine) performance is critical to optimal manufacturing productivity. When designing a CMM room, our focus is to protect the measuring machine, which will optimize the performance by precisely controlling the surrounding environment. We provide temperature and humidity-controlled rooms that can meet your…


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