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Special Purpose Doors
State of the art Technology 

With modern advancements in thermal envelope technology, PLC based control systems, and energy efficient mechanical equipment and construction, the walk in cold rooms and freezers we design and build today offer our customers the very best use of their space.

Freezer Room Construction

Insulated wall, floor, and ceiling panels are standard and material specifications vary depending on how cold the enclosure is designed to achieve.  The door systems used in a freezer are a critical component of the thermal envelope as well. In addition to the essential thermal envelope, is the mechanical components and controls system.  A properly sized and designed mechanical system is essential for the freezer’s performance.

Freezer Mechanical Systems

Just like a walk-in cold room, a walk-in freezer utilizes an evaporator inside the enclosure and a condenser outside the freezer to move the heat to the outside.  The condensing units are typically air cooled or water cooled. 

Redundant Refrigeration

Redundant refrigeration is quite common in cold rooms and freezers.  redundant refrigeration consists of a second condensing unit and potentially evaporator and dehumidifiers as well.  The redundant system can run both systems on a rotating basis so the equipment wears evenly, or the second system can be just that and remain untouched until needed.  The second system may even be a different type of condensing unit, such as a main system operating on chilled water and a back up system utilizes an air cooled system in the event the water system is down.

Electronic System Monitor
Freezer Room Control Systems and Monitoring

An added benefit to having Western Environmental, a division of CES, design and build your cold room, is we program our own control systems and can be customized as needed for any specialty control requests including data logging, alarming, notifications, automatically alternate redundant mechanical equipment, and so forth.

Freezer Room Installation

Designing efficient cold rooms is only the start, materials selection and installation are just as important.  Our experienced team will ensure the installation of panels, flooring, lighting, electrical, piping, etc. are all executed to the highest of standards.  We will also test and prove the walk in freezer is operating and maintaining tolerances as specified.  We also offer preventative maintenance plans!  

Walk in Freezer Safety

Safety in commercial construction is always a top priority and these enclosures are no different.  With the controllers able to send notifications and alarms, sensors that let you know personnel are in the room, and the ability to always open the door from the inside, we take safety very seriously in our walk in freezer designs.

Walk in Freezer Validation

Once the cold storage rooms are built, the environmental conditions within the enclosure can be tested in accordance with accepted industry standards. As an ISO 17025 accredited firm, we are experts in testing these conditions and proving room performance.

Cold Storage Door
Benefits of designing a Walk in Freezer specifically for your Business Include:  
  • Added storage allows for:

    • Buying in bulk

    • Organization

    • Quicker accessibility

    • Stock rotation

    • Goods to be maintained at the same temperature

  • Increase materials longevity

  • Designing a walk in cold storage room to meet your exact needs is often more energy efficient when compared to using several “standard” freezers.  Using one larger walk in freezer with the proper sized refrigeration equipment allows for even temperature control and added efficiency.


Designing Your Walk In Freezer(s)

When designing a new freezer room there are several design parameters to consider:  

  • The most important aspect is to know exactly what the room will be used for regarding the type of materials in/out as well as frequency.

  • Temperature set point and temperature tolerance  

  • Maximum continuous occupants 

  • Fresh air requirements  

  • Internal heating loads 

  • Door type and quantity such as sliding, swinging, overhead, even adding vinyl strips to allow access while retaining as much cold air loss as possible when a door is open can be important

  • Door opening frequency 

  • Conveyor opening, quantity, and size (if applicable) 

  • Ambient air temperatures 

  • Ambient relative humidity  

  • Desired location of condensing unit(s) 

  • Will redundant mechanical systems be required? 

  • Will data recording be required? 

  • Is an alarm required? 

  • Any specialty controls, filtration, or air requirements?  

Temperature tolerances in a walk in freezer must be maintained to ensure longevity of stored goods inside. A walk in freezer needs to be precisely engineered from the thermal envelope to the mechanical system, to the insulated flooring, to the ceiling, all must work as one system.  A weak point in any creates a faulty system.  For this reason, trusting our experienced team members to design and construct your next cold storage room is a smart decision as we will guarantee the performance as specified. 

Walk In Freezer

What is a walk-in freezer?  

A walk in freezer is an insulated environmentally controlled chamber or enclosure, designed to maintain specified temperatures and tolerances below freezing for the storage of goods and materials.  Freezers are enclosed storage spaces that have footprints from small to quite large and used for storing perishable food items or packed food items such as meats, seafoods, biopharmaceutical, and pharmaceuticals such as vaccines and other drugs or chemicals, etc.  Freezing items substantially prolongs their timeline of availability, and at times is a critical requirement for our customers.

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