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CCM Enclosure Metrology with crane integration installation


At Western Environmental, we work to make the ideal environment for our clients by designing and manufacturing enclosures for accurate temperature control.

Your business deserves a metrology lab that’s meticulously designed with high-quality materials and careful customizations. No matter your industry or application, Western Environmental provides comprehensive metrology lab design and construction services in order to create a controlled environment where temperature and humidity won’t throw a wrench in your measurements. To enlist the services of our designers, call Western Environmental at 513-422-4088 today.

S. 24k sqft Cleanroom ISO 7


At Western Environmental, we understand that the quality of your products is dependent on the quality of your research, development, and manufacturing processes. Oftentimes, these processes require clean rooms, metrology labs and other stringently controlled environments in order to reach the level of quality your industry demands. That’s why Western Environmental provides expert design, construction and testing services for a wide range of controlled environmental enclosures.

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Your company’s productivity depends on a smooth, streamlined production process, and that requires a metrology lab with advanced features for reliable environmental control. Western Environmental specializes in large-scale metrology lab projects, but we’re armed with the resources to work through projects of any size – and you’ll always receive the same in-depth, attentive customer service. We’re happy to install metrology labs for businesses in Springboro, Ohio or across the nation.

When you choose Western Environmental for metrology lab design, you’ll be paired up with a project manager that’s best suited for your project’s specific needs. We’ll begin the design process by discussing your business demands, and we’ll incorporate your input all throughout the construction process to help ensure your satisfaction with the final project.

Our extensive selection of metrology lab resources means we can also provide a variety of cutting-edge features to help your metrology lab stand out. These include:

  • Air diffusion and refrigeration systems

  • Comprehensive safety Systems

  • High-impact, vinyl-composite tile floors

  • Material handling equipment

  • Modular wall systems

  • Soak rooms

  • And much more

On top of our design and construction expertise, Western Environmental offers ISO 17025 accreditation as an indicator of our accurate calibration and testing results. This means we’re capable of ensuring your metrology lab meets the most rigorous standards. Once the project is complete, your facility will be outfitted with a laboratory where ultra-precise measurements are the standard.

S. 24k sqft Cleanroom ISO 6 area
Cleanroom Rytec Door


Regardless of your size, industry or application, Western Environmental will provide your company with a metrology lab that delivers. We’ve been mastering our craft since 1993, so you can rest assured that your metrology lab project will be in the hands of authentic, time-tested industry leaders. Call Western Environmental at 513-422-4088 for more information, or get a quote online today.

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From clean room design to CMM enclosure expansion, Western Environmental is your source for ISO 17025 accredited controlled environment services. Get a quote online, or call us at 513-422-4088 for more information on how we can help.

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