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LOCATION: Knoxville, Tennessee
PROJECT: Calibration Center


Over the last decade, numerous manufacturing companies have expanded into the Southeast. Along with this shift in manufacturing, a deficiency was noted in having a Calibration facility with Primary Standards capabilities. Modus Metrology looked upon this opportunity and chose to build a modern calibration house that would have the capabilities of providing calibration and inspection services at Primary Standards lab uncertainties with a shorter turn around time and at a very competitive rate. Modus Metrology solicited the services of Western Environmental to design and construct their new facility.

Metrology Lab Horizontal Flow

Modus Metrology’s objective was to provide a “one stop” calibration facility. In order to provide this support and service, Modus Metrology needed to have Small Mass, Electronic, Flow, and Dimensional laboratory spaces. There were a total of five (5) separate labs that were designed and constructed to have independent control and to meet their individual requirements. All with Temperature, Humidity, and Particulate control. To compete with the accuracies in the Dimensional calibration capabilities of NIST, Oak Ridge Metrology Center, Sandia National Labs, and others, Modus Metrology purchased an Infinity CMM. Western Environmental’s challenge for this piece of equipment was to design and construct a room with a temperature stability of < 0.1°C and with a horizontal airflow.


Modus Metrology received their NAVLAP ISO 17025 accreditation as a result of their highly qualified personnel, their program control and with the quality labs provided by Western Environmental.

Metrology Lab Contractor Turnkey
CMM Room Enclosure Contractor
Horizontal Flow CMM Enclosure
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