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We adhere to the internationally recognized ISO 14644 standards and utilize calibrated equipment that is traceable to the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). Our team of experts will conduct a thorough site visit to assess your clean room and perform a series of tests to evaluate its performance and adherence to the necessary standards.

Upon completion of the testing process, we will provide you with a detailed test report that includes comprehensive data and mapping of the clean room environment. This report will serve as a valuable reference, enabling you to monitor the cleanliness and contamination levels of your facility. Additionally, we will issue a certificate that signifies the successful completion of the clean room testing, which you can proudly display as a testament to your commitment to maintaining a contamination-free environment.

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Our Primary Cleanroom Testing & Verification Services.

  • Non-viable Particle Counting

  • Airflow Test

  • Air Pressure Differential Test

  • Temperature Test

  • Humidity Test

  • HEPA Filter Leak Testing

Optional Cleanroom Testing & Verification Services.

  • Airflow Directional Test and Visualization

  • Room Recovery Test

  • Air Balancing

  • Lighting

  • Vibration

  • Sound

  • Containment Leak Test

  • Particle Deposition Test

By partnering with Western Environmental for clean room testing, you can have peace of mind knowing that your facility undergoes rigorous evaluation and verification. Our clean room expertise and adherence to international 14644 standards ensure that your clean room operates at its optimal performance, safeguarding your manufacturing processes and research endeavors.

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Our Primary Cleanroom Testing Services

Non-viable Particle Counting: This process involves measuring the particulate matter in the air to ensure that the enclosure meets or surpasses the desired ISO classification as specified in ISO 14644.

Airflow Test: We perform this test to measure the supply airflow into both unidirectional and non-unidirectional clean rooms or clean zones. By calculating the supply air flow volume and air change rates (air changes per hour), we can assess the effectiveness of the ventilation system.

Air Pressure Differential Test: After the acceptance of the airflow test, we use this test to verify the clean room HVAC system's capability to maintain the specified pressure differential between clean rooms and their surrounding areas.

Temperature Test: We verify the air temperature within the clean room to ensure compliance with the HVAC control system's set points. This can be spot checked or tested over a specified period to guarantee consistent temperature regulation.

Humidity Test: Ensuring that the moisture levels within the clean room align with the HVAC control system's set points is crucial. We measure relative humidity or dew point, providing either a one-time reading or multiple readings over a period, depending on the client's requirements.

HEPA Filter Leak Testing: Our expert technicians perform this test to ensure that the high-efficiency air filters are properly installed and free of defects. By detecting any leaks, tiny holes, damage to the frame, seal, or framework, we can ensure that the HEPA filters effectively maintain the specified ISO classification.

Our Optional Cleanroom Testing Services

Airflow Directional Test and Visualization: Using visible fog as a source, we determine the airflow direction and assess its velocity to ensure it meets the clean room's design and performance standards. This test can be conducted at rest and repeated in the operational state to simulate real-world conditions.

Room Recovery Test: By subjecting a clean room or clean zone to a brief exposure of airborne particulate challenge, we determine if it can return to the specified cleanliness level. This test assesses the clean room's ability to recover efficiently after a contamination event.

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Air Balancing: We adjust the airflow in the clean room HVAC control system to achieve the desired design airflow, air exchange rates, and differential pressure, ensuring optimal performance.

Lighting, Vibration, Sound: To comply with clean room design specifications and ensure occupant comfort, we conduct tests to assess lighting conditions, vibration levels, and sound quality within the clean room.

Containment Leak Test: This test ensures that no unfiltered air intrudes into the clean room through doorways, joints, seams, or pressurized ceilings, maintaining the integrity of the controlled environment.

Particle Deposition Test: We measure the quantity of particles released from the air within the clean room onto a surface over a specific period, providing valuable data on cleanliness levels and potential sources of contamination.

We offer other optional clean room testing services, including segregation tests, electrostatic and ion generator tests, viable environmental monitoring, compressed air, and gas testing.

Western Environmental prioritizes client satisfaction, and therefore, we are always open to conducting additional testing based on our clients' specific needs. Our goal is to ensure that your clean room remains a contamination-free zone, enabling you to achieve optimal manufacturing and research outcomes.

Cleanroom Testing and Verification

Routine clean room testing, and verification plays a vital role in ensuring that the contamination levels remain within the specified ISO class requirements. At Western Environmental, we offer a comprehensive range of clean room testing services that are essential for preserving the integrity of your clean room facility.

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