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Photolithography Lab Cleanroom
S. 24k sqft Cleanroom ISO 7


At Western Environmental, we understand that the quality of your products is dependent on the quality of your research, development, and manufacturing processes. Oftentimes, these processes require clean rooms, metrology labs and other stringently controlled environments in order to reach the level of quality your industry demands. That’s why Western Environmental provides expert design, construction and testing services for a wide range of controlled environmental enclosures.

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Cleanroom Design, Construction, and Certification

From research universities to nanotechnology development companies, there’s no shortage of businesses and institutions that rely on rigorously controlled environments in order to conduct experimentations, develop technology and manufacturer products.

Western Environmental has specialized in the design and construction of high-quality clean rooms since 1993. We tailor each project to meet the precise demands of your business, and we’re fully equipped to provide certifications for HEPA filters, laminar flow equipment and HVAC systems. Western Environmental also offers a host of testing services, including temperature testing, humidity testing, scanning, airflow balancing, room pressurization and much more.


No need for a full clean room? Western Environmental also provides HEPA filter installation.

S. 24k sqft Cleanroom ISO 6 area
Cleanroom Rytec Door

Metrology Lab Design and Construction

Businesses around the world rely on ultra-precise measurements for product standardization, and that requires strict control of temperature, humidity, particulate matter and other environmental factors. Fortunately, Western Environmental has developed decades of expertise in the designconstruction and maintenance of metrology labs.

There’s no single formula for the perfect metrology lab, so Western Environmental strives to take the specific needs of your company into consideration as we work through your project. We offer a host of helpful laboratory features, including humidifiers, vinyl-composite tile floors, air diffusion and refrigeration systems, material handling equipment and much more.

CMM Enclosures

The coordinate measuring machine (CMM) is an essential piece of machinery across several industries thanks to its ability to deliver extremely precise measurements. But, in order to ensure the accuracy of these measurements, the machine must be housed in an environment that prevents environmental factors, including temperature and particulate matter, from affecting the product being measured. That’s where CMM enclosures come into play.

These enclosures offer a controlled environment that’s precisely tailored for CMM use. Western Environmental’s enclosures are fully modular to accommodate future expansion or adjustments, and we’ll even assist with airflow velocity, relative humidity stability and other key elements of the project to ensure a finished product that measures up to your company’s requirements.

CMM Enclosure
Architect Drawing and Pencil

Begin Your Project

From clean room design to CMM enclosure expansion, Western Environmental is your source for ISO 17025 accredited controlled environment services. Get a quote online, or call us at 513-422-4088 for more information on how we can help.

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