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Western Environmental has been providing clean room, metrology lab and CMM enclosure design and construction services since 1993. Over the years, we’ve worked hard to perfect our craft by delivering highly customized services to businesses in diverse industries. Below, explore the many industries that can benefit from Western Environmental’s professional services:

Scientists at Microscope

  • Aerospace: The thriving aerospace industry is a perfect match for Western Environmental’s services. Major aerospace players are regularly pushing the limits of technological innovation, and this requires components that are crafted to meet exceptionally rigid specifications. Explore our Boeing case study to learn how Western Environmental outfitted the aerospace giant with an updated environmental chamber.

  • Pharmaceuticals, Biotech, and Medical Life Sciences: Because these industries are so heavily reliant on constant research and experimentation, it’s no wonder why pharmaceutical and medical device companies require clean rooms and other controlled environments with precision control.

  • Automotive: There’s a reason why today’s cars last longer than those of yesteryear, and it’s because modern technology enables the scrutiny of even the most minute components. The metrology lab – outfitted with modern technology, of course – is where this scrutiny takes place.

  • Defense: Western Environmental has served several Air Force bases, the Walter Reed Army Research Institute and the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter Program with clean rooms, CMM enclosures and more.

  • Education: There’d be no metrologists without metrological academic programs. Naturally, this means that numerous universities must be outfitted with high-quality metrology labs in order to provide students with hands-on metrology experience. Many universities also offer clean rooms and other highly controlled environments for various research applications.

  • General Manufacturing: Whether your company creates heavy equipment or computer devices, the manufacturing and product development process likely involves metrology in order to ensure that each and every component measures up to industry standards and customer needs.

  • Microelectronics: Due to the limitations of the human eye, it’s impossible to measure the components required by microelectronics without the assistance of advanced metrology technology. Western Environmental provides thorough, personalized lab designs that provide the perfect environment for precise measurements.

  • Nanotechnology: The metrological demands of nanotechnology aren’t unlike those of the microelectronics industry – key measurements tend to be much too small to ascertain with the human eye, necessitating the use of metrology equipment.

Industry Leaders in Clean Room and Metrology Lab Construction and Design

Western Environmental offers the resources and expertise to execute your project successfully. Learn more about how our skills have been put to good use by browsing our case studies, and contact us today to get a quote for your unique project.

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