Eastman Kodak Company



Design and construct a Class 100 Classroom within an existing facility with the capabilities of maintaining 20°C +/- 0.5°C and 45% RH +/- 5%. Besides the Class 100 room, the lab was to include a Class 1000 Gowning Area, an Air Shower and Staging Room. The total square footage required was approximately 450 S.F. The tight control parameters of the Cleanroom were a requirement of the high accuracy CMM that was to be placed within the room. Stability of the temperature and relative humidity is critical to the performance and accuracy of the CMM.

Meeting the completion date was paramount for the project as the equipment for the Cleanroom was ordered and ready to be installed. The allotted time frame for completing the project was 12 weeks including design, construction and testing. In addition to the challenge of meeting the end date, the area above the Cleanroom was a maze of utility piping and conduit thus restricting the space for duct work and requiring most of the wall panels to be cut and fitted to the rows of piping.

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