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Clean rooms play a valuable role in the research, product development, and manufacturing processes of a number of industries. If you’re seeking to add a clean room to your facility, Western Environmental can get the job done.

Much like clean rooms, the environment within a metrology lab must be kept under strict control in order to ensure the accuracy of measurements taken within. Western Environmental is equipped to design and create metrology laboratories that meet these standards, and our ISO 17025 accreditation serves as a testament to our high standards.

CMM enclosures are built to house coordinate measuring machines. These devices offer extremely precise measurements, which has earned them a valuable place in a number of industries. But, to ensure that these measurements are accurate, the enclosures must control a number of features, from temperature to particle presence.

At Western Environmental, we have extensive knowledge regarding the installation of HEPA filters for cleanrooms, as well as the design of cleanrooms. Our professionals have been contracted to assist in cleanroom construction for numerous purposes, including building facilities used in the aerospace, medical, and technological fields.

Avetta, ISN, Collect, Verify, Connect Logos and Acrcreditations
Accredited by 2L, IEC, and ISO 17025
Systems and Structures for The Perfect Environment 


Welcome to Western Environmental, a division of Controlled Environment Systems (CES). Since 1993, we’ve worked with a wide range of high-profile businesses, agencies and other types of organizations around the world to deliver precisely constructed, environmentally controlled laboratories and enclosures that accommodate a variety of applications. Our turnkey, design & build approach to design and construction ensures that you’ll have our guidance throughout every step of the process.

Western Environmental is an international designer and manufacturer of Cleanrooms, Metrology Labs, CMM Enclosures and various other types of environmentally controlled laboratories providing top quality products and services. Western Environmental is an ISO 17025 accredited organization.

At Western Environmental, we’ve spent years demonstrating our expertise and diversifying our extensive list of clients, from life sciences and manufacturing to aerospace and national laboratories. We’re outfitted to meet the needs of both small-scale and large-scale projects, and while our company is large enough to provide the resources larger projects demands, you can expect nothing less than the personalized, attentive customer service your organization deserves.

Experienced, Accredited, and Certified

For many high tech industries a clean, efficient and well-run environment is a primary influence on the quality of product the company produces. Having a clean production facility means maintaining an environment where a few dust particles won’t interfere with quality level.


ISO 17025

ISO 17025 accredited provider of environmentally controlled enclosure design, construction and certification services. Over our years spent refining our expertise and installing dependable enclosures, we’ve worked with high profile clients across the nation, granting us the experience necessary to assemble cleanrooms, metrology labs and CMM enclosures that meet the precise demands of your business.

Businesses around the world rely on ultra-precise measurements for product standardization, and that requires strict control of temperature, humidity, particulate matter and other environmental factors. Fortunately, CES has developed decades of expertise in the design, construction and maintenance of metrology labs.

Design, Install, Tuning and Support

We guide you through each step of the project to ensure you’re always up to speed, starting with the preconstruction consultation and extending to post-construction maintenance.

As we plan your environmentally controlled enclosure, we’ll tailor every detail to meet the needs of the enclosure’s intended application by installing the correct equipment and providing necessary certifications that help keep your business in compliance with applicable regulations.

As we built our reputation helping organizations in the scientific, research and medical communities, over the years we learned that our work in special environments impacts industries across the economy including: medical device, aerospace, automotive, microelectronics, nanotechnology, heavy equipment, logistics and more.


Controlled Environment Systems Solutions include:

Modular Panel Installation Cleanroom CMM Metrology

Let’s Talk About Your Next Project

Whatever services are needed for your environmentally controlled enclosure, Western Environmental, a division of Controlled Environmental Systems can help. For more information and help with your specific project, please call 513-422-4088. You can also submit our online form to request a quote.

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Boeing used Controlled Environment Systems engineers to design an environmental chamber capable of a variety of control configurations. Learn More...

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Promote healthy and sustainable living by creating the perfect environment for the global food chain, life sciences and mission critical industries.


Trust Western Environmental to build the best quality laboratory for your business or organization. We proudly serve clients in the united states and internationally and we will meet you where you are.

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