Omron Manufacturing

LOCATION: St. Charles, IL

Omron Manufacturing chose to relocate assembly line from Japan to the United States to improve their quality of components. To accommodate the equipment and the manufacturing process, three (3) clean areas were to be constructed, one for each of the main steps of fabrication. The total area needed was approximately 13,000 S.F. of Class 100,000. The largest of these rooms was 60′ wide x 120′ long and 12′ high. All of the walls were self-supporting and independent of the building. A portion of the large area was designed to carry the load of the HVAC equipment serving that room. Four separate HVAC units were used; one for each of the smaller rooms and two for the large space. The utility services and electric services for the Japanese equipment had to be layed out and coordinated with the customer such that it did not interfere with maintaining a clean environment nor inhibit the manufacturing process. The design and installation of the clean spaces had to be coordinated with the general contractor responsible for the additioin. The Contractor was required to install the exterior equipment platform which extended from the concrete slab through the Cleanroom AHU platform through the building roof.