PROJECT: Environmental Calibration Chamber

As part of Boeing’s re-structuring of their metrology facilities, Western Environmental Corporation was contracted to design and install an Environmental Chamber. The control requirements were widely variable yet tightly controlled. Because of the potential for hundreds of different control configurations needed by the end user and the need to make several control adjustments for a single calibration, the chamber control points had to be easy to select and the chamber’s environment needed to rapidly stabilize to these changes. As a result, W.E.C. used an environmental system providing 60 air changes per hour and a Honeywell UMC800 Controller for accuracy and ease of use.

This chamber was a part of the new metrology center that was designed by DLR Architects, with the general building construction performed by Skanska USA. W.E.C. was required to complete the design of the chamber, coordinate the design with DLR and coordinate the installation with Skanska who was finishing the general building construction.

– Temperature: Varying 40F – 100F
– Stability: +/- 0.1°F throughout
– Relative Humidity: Varying 20% – 90%
– Stability: +/- 3%
– Duration of Stability Between
Set Point Change: 2 hours max.