Hill Air Force Base

LOCATION: Layton, Utah



Hill Air Force Base is the predominant site within the U.S. for maintaining and supporting the C-130’s, F-15’s and F-16’s aircraft. The PMEL plays a significant role in maintaining the calibrations of the flight instruments and repair equipment.


The requirments of the Air Force for all PMELs is for the PMELs to operate within tolerance a minimum of 90% of the time. Hill’s PMEL had failed to meet this requirement for nine (9) years due largely to not maintaining the proper environment as mandated for all PMELs. Temperature, relative humidity and positive room pressure were problems throughout much of the PMEL facility. The facility needed to provide enough consistent in tolerance environmental data to prevent a shutdown of the PMEL and relocating those operations to another site.

Western Environmental Corporation was contracted to analyze the problems, review the current design and equipment and provide a cost effective solution to enable over 11,000 sq. ft. of laboratories to meet the requirements of AFMETCAL. The solution included adding a new Control System with sensors, creating a positive pressure plenum and converting the ceiling in the different areas into a supply diffuser system, installing a return air system allowing the air to be returned lower to the floor, installing electric reheats and humidifiers into specific areas.

The result of the modifications was the presentation of Hill Air Force Base’s first certificate in nine (9) years.