Enable Injections

CUSTOMER: Enable Injections
LOCATION: Evendale, OH
PROJECT:Turn-Key 3,000 Sq. Ft ISO 8 Modular Cleanroom


Enable Injections is a start-up company producing disposable medical devices that allows patients to self-inject high volumes of medicine at home, work, or anywhere outside of a medical facility. The device itself can fit in the palm of your hand, and be worn comfortably while delivering high volumes of medicine to the user. One version of the device is only about 2.25” in diameter, and can inject up to 10cc of medicine, while a larger version injects up to 20cc of medicine.

As Enable has become closer to moving this device to the global market, in 2015 Enable expanded and moved into a 41,000 Sq. Ft. building in Evendale, OH. This location houses Enable’s offices, research & development, and a portion of manufacturing & distribution. This growth has brought more jobs to the Cincinnati area, and Enable anticipates on bringing more quality positions to be available over the next several years.


Western Environmental Corporation (WEC) was selected to design and build a turn-key 3,000 Sq. Ft. ISO 8 modular cleanroom that also maintains other environmental parameters such as temperature stability, low and high end humidity set points, and cascading room pressures. The shell of the enclosure is built out of insulated modular wall panels that are tightly sealed, and incorporate a suspended and gasketed cleanroom ceiling system to create a plenum space above. Within this cleanroom ceiling system are HEPA Fan Filter Units to distribute clean filtered air into the room.

The HVAC system is controlled by a WEC programmed PLC, which provides precise environmental conditions to the lab space. These environmental conditions are certified, monitored, and documented continuously. Now complete, Enable will use this cleanroom to expand upon their assembly process, as well meet the FDA’s stringent requirements.

This build has been a true team effort among multiple parties, as Enable’s ambitious expansion involves other development and construction happening simultaneously in and around WEC’ s cleanroom design and build. As a result of a great team, the project was completed ahead of schedule and below the budgeted cost.